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At, we care. We love the world of travel, but we’re aware of its dark side. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to help us reshape the way we travel to make it smarter, sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day by attending and organising travel hackathons all over the globe on 27 September. We want to bring together engineers, designers, and innovators: providing them with a creative and supportive environment, and encouraging their ideas on how to hack travel.

We hope to trigger a global #HackTravel movement that would become a platform for constant improvement in the travel industry. Here are the main topics for this year.


Do you have an idea on how to make travel more responsible? How to deal with mass tourism or how to support local economies?


How can we make travel better for people with disabilities? How to find well-adapted hotel rooms, accessible restaurants or how to travel easier with musical instruments or bikes?


People are getting more and more interested in authentic experiences that support local communities. Connect the unconnected and make tourism become a tool building online and offline communities.

Meet our


The mentors are top engineers and designers. More people will be announced soon.

Robert Kuska

Robert can help with backend, his focus is Golang and Python.

David Chicaiza

David is a Javascript developer working with React & GraphQL. Always ready for a new challenge.

David Komljenovic

I’m a backend developer with experience in Python, Go and Java. Currently working in the Flight Ancillaries at Passionate about Python, open source and game

Local Prize

The winning project of each location will be invited to send a demo for a global round where top developers and managers choose the winner of the global prize. To get more info about the Global Prize see the Home page.

€ 1,000

in travel vouchers

Take part in Global Round* merchandise

This round is 100% remote and you can win up to € 4,000 in travel vouchers.

What do we evaluate?

Technical aspects 40%, Design 20%, Idea 30%, Wow factor 10%

Technical aspects: The judging team would like to hear the answer to these questions when your team will present the final work: Is the project demo ready? What data and API’s did you use for your project? What technical challenges did your team have and how did you solve them? Did you use a particularly clever technique or did you use many different components?

Design: How well is it designed? Did you put thought into the user experience?

Idea: How creative is your idea? What approach did you follow? How well is it aligned with the hackathon topics?

Wow! Factor: show the jury what is unique about the solution you provided, the way how your team worked or something special about your project


What is a hackathon?

Hackathon is an unorthodox way to solve different kind problems. It is a competition that gathers programmers with different skill sets to work collaboratively, on a software project, which creatively solves various problems on a given topic.

Who’s behind the Global Travel Hackathon?

The idea was born at, however, each of the hackathons has a different organiser. Please, consult the web page to see who’s the main organiser of the hackathon you are interested in.

What should I build?

It depends on each location. The general theme of the Global Travel Hackathon is sustainability, accessibility and community in the world of travel; however, you can consult the particular event web page to see if there are some other topics.

Can I join any of the hackathons?

Yes, you can definitely join us in the location you prefer. If you miss a location close to you, you can add your own event.

In order to participate, do I need to stay for the whole 24 hours?

It depends on each hackathon.

Can I get support to travel to a hackathon?

We do not provide travel support to attend a hackathon of your choice. You are free to organize a hackathon in your city by yourself – if you would like to, let us knowhere.

Who can organise a hackathon?

Anyone who wants to. For example, you might be a member of a hackerspace or a local meetup organiser who wants to become a part of a global event.

What support do the independently-organized hackathons get?

We’re running a global campaign promoting the whole initiative. Additionally, the winner of your hackathon will get the chance to win the main prize – 4,000 € in travel vouchers and feedback from engineers.

How can I reach out to the organizers?

Send us an email at or find us on Twitter (@codekiwicom) or Facebook (

Schedule for hackathons

We begin on Friday, 27 September and we will be hacking for 24 hours. Don’t worry, we will provide everything you need so you can last all night long. Please note that for some hackathons, the schedule might differ. Check the event website.


Application deadline for hackathons


Confirmation of attendees of hackathons

27–28.9. hackathons



Do you have a question, an idea or another request? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

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