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Top 10 Ways To Get A Better Economy Seat  Add to collection

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After the Twitterific fiasco I went through trying to secure KLM Economy Comfort seats for my upcoming trip to Cape Town while booking my flights through Delta last week, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at strategies for getting a better economy seat with the major airlines.

Delta's Economy Comfort seats onboard a 757-200ER.

Delta’s Economy Comfort seats onboard a 757-200ER.

The difference between a regular old coach seat and a premium one like Delta’s Economy Comfort, American’s Main Cabin Extra and United’s Economy Plus can be several more inches of legroom, pitch and recline – and the possibility of escaping a long flight of cramped, crumpled discomfort for…well, slightly less cramped, uncomfortable arrangements (let’s be honest, the airlines still pack you in …

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