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My Elite Status Conundrum: American vs. Delta  Add to collection

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For some reason, I just can’t manage to stop flying Delta. For the past year I’ve been trying to shift my loyalty from Delta to American, which you would think would be easy with all of Delta’s negative changes – like an impending shift to a revenue-based elite program, hacked Same Day Confirmed Benefits, an inflexible 72-hour rule on award tickets, consumer-unfriendly expiration of miles when a member dies (not that I’m planning to anytime soon) and the list goes on. I kind of feel like Delta and I are in an dysfunctional relationship – I’m a train careening towards a brick wall, but I’m unable to put the brakes on.

Recent negative changes, including to Same Day Confirmed flight options have me wanting to fly Delta less.

Recent negative changes, including to Same Day

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